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Paid Meetings Platform

Value Your Time

Opt is a safe and easy way to get paid for your time or pay others for theirs.

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How it works: 3 Simple Steps

1. Create an Opt profile

Determine your meeting price and duration. Opt creates a meeting link and provides a custom profile page that you can share with others.

2. Link your calendar

Connect your calendar and set your availability. Opt acts like your personal assistant in scheduling, collecting payment, and filtering through opportunities.

3. Get paid for meetings

Opt holds the payment in escrow until the meeting is held and confirmed by both parties, ensuring a safe and smooth transaction every meeting.

Since 2020 there have been some massive changes.


Increase in Virtual Meetings


Actively looking for a more efficient way to monetize their time and talents

Meet a Few

Summer Miller
Freelance Designer

It’s hard to deal with the awkward conversation of how much to charge and the anxiety of wondering if you will actually get paid.

Ben Jenkins
Small Business Owner

Time can either be your best friend or your worst enemy…too often I say yes to bad meetings.

Mason Baird
Software Sales

It’s challenging to set meetings with potential clients… and stand out from the crowd.

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