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About Me

Tyler here, I have lifted for eight years now. I played basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball growing up. I have helped several athletes develop better lifting technique which has led them to fewer injuries and increased strength simultaneously. Additionally, I have a passion for helping those get out of a pit of bad eating and exercise habits and love to see the results that come from my clients making the choice to build their best body.

Numbers: Squat- 435, Deadlift- 455, Bench- 315

Plans and Pricing

1 on 1 Goal Session

Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: $40

Book a meeting to discuss your goals and set up plans to achieve those goals.

Custom Nutritional Plan + Set Up Call

Duration: 15 Minute Set Up call
Price: $200

Build Muscle Tone- Work Out Plan

123 Nectar St. Suite 4917

Workout Plan to Build Muscle Tone

123 Nectar St. Suite 4917

Workout Plan to Lose Body Fat

58 Nectar Rd. Apt 2C

Workout Plan + Nutrition Plan

Price: $300


Don't wait any longer to build your BEST body.

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