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1. Share helpful content related to your industry

Set yourself up as a subject matter expert in your given field through posting statistics and articles and then making observations. Search questions pertaining to your niche or service and answer them on social media like: Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

2. Partner with other consultants or firms

Oftentimes firms or people that can’t take on all the workload will suggest someone else, connect to those types of firms and people so they refer people to you.

3. Join LinkedIn groups related to your ideal client’s interests 

Interact on these groups and pages to increase relevancy and exposure to your potential clients.

4. Post that you work for Opt on LinkedIn in a post

Job posts are one of the most interacted posts on LinkedIn and people will be interested and look to potentially book just because it’s new and exciting.

5. Have a clear place to send potential clients

This is why it’s important to place your link in a specific spot on your social media or website so that it is easy to find and helps you convert more. Learn how to place a link on social media here.

6. Establish a quick reply with your Opt link

Have a set reply that contains your Opt link to respond to sales messages on LinkedIn and in your email.

7. Hold a social networking event

Use a venue like Studiio in Lehi or another venue to match and connect with other people in your field or potential clients.

8. Identify your ideal client

Ask yourself what your current clients look like, who would you like to work with, what do they need and what’s their buying decisions, identify goals and fears and consider current habits.

9. Know your unique value proposition

Identify the main problem, benefits of your solution, what makes these benefits valuable, connect this value to client’s problems, differentiate yourself.

10. Spruce up your social media presence and personal website

Make sure you have completed every suggested step to set up your profile and then post post and post some more. Content is king in this new world and the more you post the higher chance someone sees your work and books with you.

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