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Your Most Valuable Asset

If someone was to ask you what your most valuable asset is, what would you say? Most people would say their house, their clothes, a car perhaps, yet rarely do people say their time. Think about all the apps and websites out there to rent out your house, your car, or just about anything else, yet what app helps you rent out your time? That is exactly why Opt was created, to pay you for your most valuable asset, your time. 

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How Opt Works

Imagine you’re a coach, an influencer, an entrepreneur, whatever it may be, and you get a message asking for your time and advice. With Opt, you would simply respond with a link that gives them your availability and your rate. Opt handles the scheduling, the payment, and even the awkward conversation around asking someone for money for your time.  It’s that easy.

On the flip side, imagine you’re in sales, you’re starting a company and need some mentoring, or maybe you just value professional advice, you now have a way to find, connect, and communicate with seasoned professionals and experts. Instead of wasting time waiting and hoping someone responds, you can ensure a valuable connection and interaction nearly every time.   

Opt allows you to both value others’ time and also put a value on your own time. The best part, it’s free. Join Opt today so you and others can value your time.

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