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The Old Way Is Not The New Way

It used to be that you had to work 60 hours a week in a factory to be able to put food on the table. The advances in technology have enabled what used to take 60 hours to now take 20 hours. Technology has simplified and made processes easier, there is no doubt about that. However, technology has caused a lot of problems as well. 

Friction in a modern company, and by friction we mean resistance to growth, tends to stem from one of two problems: either having a copious amount of technology, making it too complex, or not enough technology, making it impossible to be productive and efficient. Many companies didn’t understand this or were aware of their issues until a certain event took place in 2020.

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The Great Resignation Ushering in a New Age

The Covid Pandemic exposed a lot of companies for this exact point, companies must use technology in the right way to maintain their stability. They used zoom as a band aid to replace office life, but it didn’t work.

People began to notice that they no longer wanted to give up their lives and time to a corporation and that they would rather pursue a more fulfilling career or job, or maybe just build something themselves. 40 million people quit their jobs to find a better way. We refer to this as the Great Resignation.

This paradigm shift caused companies to realize they not only have to worry about their customers, but also about their employees. Corporations went and continue to go to great lengths to provide the best and most innovative technology just to be able to hire and retain employees. 

Technology and the mindset of the younger generations have evolved as a result, ushering in a new era, one that has forced companies to provide remote work options, to let employees pursue their passions, to give them freedom.


The Great Response

In response to Covid and the Great Resignation, companies have developed technologies that have enabled individuals to work remotely and make their own schedules, making them feel like they are consultants. Ironically, this has backfired on corporations in that individuals realized they can create their own product or provide their own service, without the need of the corporation. They can reach and interact with people globally through the snap of a picture on Instagram or a short video on TikTok. They can create a business out of their passion and make it a global brand.

According to “more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. during 2020 — the highest total on record. For reference, that’s a 24.3% increase from 2019 and 51.0% higher than the 2010-19 average.” Although many businesses closed during this time, businesses were being created. The events that have taken place in the last couple years have changed the way we work and will work in the future.

Social Evolution Through Technology

At the core, a change of mindset has taken place.  People can observe what’s working and what isn’t from their phone through social media. They can say “I want to choose my own path” or “that way of doing things doesn’t work for me” and really choose and see for themselves. Freedom is what is desired, true freedom to do what they want with their time, to choose a better way. 

They look at work and the world differently, how we define success, how we define happiness and what fulfillment is. There is a whole new play book. We recognize that the play book is changing, and it is riding on the back of technology. 

That is exactly why we must provide technology and solutions to enable and empower this new way of thinking. The leaders of the future are the ones that solve the problems of today. 

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